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My Review of Inexpensive Computer Parts

This site will remain up until Inexpensive Computer Parts reimburses me for the remote I was forced to purchase to complete the “System” I was supposed to receive. 
Order Total : $14.99
Shipping : $7.69
Grand Total : $22.68

Item # = 120102382987

Exercise extreme caution when dealing with the Ebay seller:
Inexpensive Computer Parts

I believe they are a disreputable seller. 

After Inexpensive Computer Parts filed a complaint with Ebay because I published their contact information on this site, I was forced to remove their real name and telephone number (obviously, they don't want people to be able to contact them to register their complaints). 

However, I don't see any restriction in the Ebay rules regarding a hyperlink to a web site:


The items sold by Inexpensive Computer Parts are mostly from individuals who drop off electronic stuff at their store and Inexpensive Computer Parts just turns around and resells it on Ebay without any knowledge of the condition or functionality. There's nothing wrong with that as it is, except when they advertise one thing and provide another or if they know something is wrong with an item and sell it without disclosing the problem. That's fraud. Also, do you really want to buy garage-sale electronics? It's much better to buy used items from individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the products or to just pony up and buy new. I would NOT recommend buying from this seller. 

Review of inexpensivecomputerparts 

  Here is the description of the item I purchased from Inexpensive Computer Parts:

Item: You are bidding on a Angeltrax Wireless Cable TV System

Condition: Used, In original retail packaging, Tested, Everything powers on, No further testing done, Sold as-is


  •  Auction includes Angeltrax Wireless Wireless Cable TV System, Transmitter, Receiver, Antenna, Cable
  • Model: CATV2400
  • Watch Cable TV in any room or even outside without have to run any wires
  • Full memory function
  Notice that it states "Auction includes Angeltrax Wireless Cable TV System." I did not receive the system. I received a part of a system. It also claims that I can "Watch Cable TV in any room or even outside without have to run any wires," although that would be difficult without the remote that is REQUIRED FOR THE SYSTEM TO FUNCTION. 

I purchased a “Wireless Cable TV System” from Inexpensive Computer Parts. I was happy to purchase the system in AS-IS condition. The seller stated that all they verified was that it powered on. So far, no problem.

When the “System” arrived, however, it was missing a necessary component: the remote control. The system will not work without the remote, so it is worthless junk without it. 

When I pointed this out to Inexpensive Computer Parts several times, however, they fell back on the AS-IS claim. I told them that AS-IS does not mean incomplete. 

Inexpensive Computer Parts claimed that the picture of the product in the box did not show a remote and the description did not mention it. Neither the picture nor the description mentioned a power cord, either, but that was included—because it would be stupid to sell a product that couldn’t possibly function. In fact, that is exactly what they sold me. 

I gave Inexpensive Computer Parts the analogy of buying a car on Ebay. The description would certainly not specify a steering wheel, but since it’s necessary to have a steering wheel in order to operate the car, it would of course be included. If Inexpensive Computer Parts wrote an ad that said “includes luggage rack and wheel covers,” they would think that would absolve them from providing the steering wheel. 

Well, I got a car without a steering wheel. 

I verified with the manufacturer that the “System” always includes the remote control. Then I went to the trouble to find a remote control online for a great price (only 15 bucks). I sent Inexpensive Computer Parts the link and gave them the opportunity to make complete the otherwise useless system they had sold me. 

Inexpensive Computer Parts refused. 

Even though it was their mistake, not mine, Inexpensive Computer Parts told me I could return the system at my expense (within 7 days--even though Federal law mandates 10 days). They would then deduct 25% of the cost as a restocking fee, deduct the postage and handling, and refund the balance. After paying shipping both ways and getting only a 75% refund, I would wind up paying $48 for a product I don’t even have and couldn’t use even if I did. Nice. 

So instead of spending $48 for nothing, I decided to buy the remote myself. I guess I should feel lucky that I didn’t have to buy the power cords as well. 

There are 190 negative complaints against Inexpensive Computer Parts (see below). There are also many positive feedbacks, but it’s how you handle the problems that counts, isn’t it? 

Inexpensive Computer Parts’ responses to the many negative responses fall into three general categories:

  1.  It must have been damaged in shipping. 
    (Then why not take responsibility for the inferior packing?)
  2.  We offered to refund, but the buyer refused. 
    (I wonder if anyone has ever taken them up on their “pay freight both ways and deduct 25%” offer. They could make an excellent living reselling the same items over and over for 25% profit, plus what they make on shipping.)
  3. Buyer didn’t read description. (Or is it that the description is deliberately misleading, as so many buyers claim.)

Regardless, it is clear that Inexpensive Computer Parts has little interest in satisfying the legitimate concerns of their customers. If they do reimburse me for my expense, then I will post that here as well. 

Just a small sample of the 190 negative feedbacks that have been left for Inexpensive Computer Parts:

While advertised "As is but looks complete", the entire cabinet was missing:(
some parts were broken and package was literally falling apart veryify purchase
Avoided. Item received doesn't work. Seller didn't specify and refuse collaboration
liar wholesaler, sending broken product. Don't buy from him, never
Seller has 11 negatives in 11 days. Reporting seller to MN Better Business Bureau 
2nd person to get same package/box was destroyed/speakers did not match!!!!!!!!!
earpiece broken not happy no response from Seller 
Faulty product, expensive shipping, HORRIBLE service
bad communication, product not as listed.
Dead battery. They said not covered. Bought a new battery
recived complete junk, non responsive to complains for 6 weeks.
item described WRONG! all they care about is MONEY...........................
Intentionally misled item with description. NO response to email, POOR SELLER!!
item not as described,no box as pictured. seller rude and uncooperative. AVOID!!
Over 180 negatives.180 unique people wrong? Avoid!!!!
misleading description of item
you could have sold me two speakers that work .ps you can make it right or loose
seller is not responsive, cables are bent and useless, not happy.
Inexpensive Computer Parts is a Thief..Thief..Thief
item physically damged was not in shipping damage
lcd broken never explain.
item does NOT work for xbox, only xbox 360, also seller won't contact you back.
Very cheap but package was very bad and 3 of 5 items came broken.
not as said dont work turn off/change diff modes they wont talk or leave feedbak 
this was nothing but trash!!
Buyer BEWARE all NF is TRUE. Desc wrong. Asked multi ?s 2 verify info, lied to
Refused partial refund w/o s&h costs 4 item listed NEW but was USED w/MIA parts
did not get described product and no response from company on many attempts
dead camera husband unhappy I ate $13.00 Life's lessons
Didn't receive all parts and no response to Email about it.
Fooled me the pictures show two cd players like new but most of them were broken
product was not in "good condition" will not deal with again.
Didn't ship when promised and missed Christmas.Wouldn't even refund shipping $.
Inexpensive Computer Parts misrepresented item. Returned ZERO emails. Worst possible experience.
dont buy from this thief. cameras were marked broken, yet he failed to mention
fake not good people to deal with,bad items
THe item is damaged more than we ezpected. It should have been garbaged insteado
Items were broken! Inexpensive Computer Parts won't refund money!
I bid on Dual XDMR7700 Car Stereo CD Player, but i only recieved the faceplate
the memory sticks I got were defective and do not work at all



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